Waste Water Treatment & Pumping

Molloy Engineering is an established expert contractor in the waste water treatment industry. We provide the highest quality solutions and technical support in Ireland.

We have installed over 300 rotating biological contactors (RBC) in Ireland since 1981 for a variety of clients.

A waste water treatment plant is designed to remove the pollutants present in the liquid portion of the flow. Waste water causes pollution by depleting dissolved oxygen in the receiving waters. The dissolved oxygen is required to sustain the aquatic flora and fauna that require oxygen to live. A waste water treatment plant has two objectives,

  • Treat waste water to specified effluent standard
  • Retain sludge (solids) for subsequent periodic de-sludging.

It is important to note that a treatment plant must receive regular mechanical and process maintenance and de-sludging to ensure on-going compliance with the discharge licence, avoid pollution and ensure the maximum useful life of the plant.