What we do

1. Waste water treatment

We are the only Irish contractor dedicated to the installation of high quality RBC waste water package treatment plants since 1981.

For projects such as towns and villages, we normally use the latest generation high quality rotating biological contactors (RBCs). We have more than 300 plants installed in Ireland since 1981. We are the home of RBCs in Ireland.

These plants have proven themselves to be simple to maintain and operate. Most importantly, they also consistently achieve the required standard of final effluent.

2. Pumping

We are an experienced designer and supplier of surface and waste water pumping stations. These vary in complexity from a twin pump installation to large combined pumping stations with up to eight pumps.

We also undertake repair/refurbishment of pumping stations including civil works.

We have introduced innovative solutions to cater for aggressive solids handling applications. 


  • Government Departments, OPW, ESB 
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes


3. Plant Upgrading & Refurbishment to reduce Operation & Maintenance costs and improve process compliance

We have completed a number of Plant Upgrading and Refurbishment contracts on Waste Water Treatment Plants. An Upgrade or Refurbishment may be required when:

  • The plant is overloaded hydraulically or organically,
  • Existing equipment is unreliable or costly to operate,
  • The final effluent standard to be achieved has become more stringent,
  • Introduction of an EPA Licence,

Our experienced engineering staff can survey the existing treatment plant and carry out a survey to compare the existing capacity to the desired standard or specification. Following this, our engineers will complete an optimisation process to ensure that all existing equipment is utilised to its full potential. If necessary additional accessories can then be added to the site to achieve the new standards required. By completion of the above procedure, we can guarantee that a plant upgrade / refurbishment is carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Molloy Engineering only uses equipment that has a proven long history of:

  • Process performance,
  • Reliability, and is
  • Maintainable, and
  • Cost effective (capital, installation and running costs considered)

4. Maintenance contracts on Pump Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plants

We offer a range of cost-effective maintenance contracts to suit all client requirements. Contracts can include any of the following:

  • Regular maintenance visit(s)
  • Process maintenance
  • Sampling of final effluent
  • De-sludging
  • Replacement of any equipment if necessary

By maintaining the equipment on a regular basis, the longevity of the equipment can be maximised and emergency breakdowns can be minimised. Regular maintenance saves the client money.

Please contact us to discuss your maintenance requirements.

5.Grease separation

We recommend the use of separators which are designed in accordance with the latest EN standards.